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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

The summer violin camp was really helpful because I do not practice like this at home and I do not catch all of my mistakes. I do not feel like changing such tiny mistakes with my intonation. At the camp, I was able to work on every note to get my playing a lot better and I can hear myself better now. I would totally come back again next year because I was able to learn a lot in such a short period of time from my own lessons to listening to the other violin students too. – Student

The violin camp definitely helped me especially on the sections I had never practiced. The etudes are better already. I learned about the seventh note in the scale having to be higher. The camp put the pressure on me to learn the sections I had not practiced. I also got to hear everyone else play and I realized I could do better. I also know what to practice every night. The mock auditions helped me to practice with everybody looking at me. I believe the camp is useful. It helped me to improve the speed of my playing and my pitch accuracy. – Student

The violin camp was helpful because I can get help on my problem spots and fix them. I can also see how the other students mess up and learn from their mistakes. I would come back again next year because I feel that I did better on my Region music here than I would have if I tried to learn them myself. – Student

This violin camp was helpful because it improved my playing a lot. If I didn’t come, I’m not sure if I would be as good as I am right now. – Student