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Daily Points of Light Awards/ Prudential Spirit Community Awards

Congratulations to our music students for snagging a nomination for the 2017 Daily Points of Lights Community Awards and they are:

Music Starz Studios for coordinating more than 400 free hospice concerts.
Sanjana Gokul, piano (4th grade) volunteered 292 hours.
John Christian Dacunos, piano (6th grade) volunteered 27 hours.
Brianna Poon, violin (7th grade) volunteered 366 hours.
Sanna Sisoutham, piano and violin (7th grade) volunteered 305.5 hours.
Kennard Wong, piano and violin (8th grade) volunteered 354.5 hours.
Chelsea Heredia, piano (10th grade) volunteered 254.5 hours.

Ellie Heredia, piano (10th grade) volunteered 255.5 hours.